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THEfonzarelliPROJECT (theLP)

by THEfonzarelliPROJECT

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this_wikid_stikk_kid great work man, some bangers on this one, love it! Favorite track: JUST A YEAR AGO.
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3 years in the making....

A body of work designed to be heard continuously front to back. THEfonzarelliPROJECT LP exemplifies the beauty that lies in the struggle and is translated through the language of poetry. The production of the album meshes various genres and blurs the line between popular music and underground hip-hop.


released September 26, 2015

Produced by THEfonzarelliPROJECT


all rights reserved



THEfonzarelliPROJECT Phoenix, Arizona


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Track Name: FROM CA. (with Love)
(Verse One)
I hail form California, where we grow hella grass
Crazy on the freeway, going hella fast
Ill Technics know to get the kid hella scratch
‘for I leave this bitch I bet my crib have a heli-pad
TreeGang fillin’ scripts for them cataracts
Matter of fact, Im the catalyst of Mac-attacks
Backpack rapper, duffle bag rapper
I bust down a pack and serve a custy ass rapper
Bad bitch ass tapper, whip black lacquered
Ooh that Fonzarelli be a slick ass bastard
Ambitionz az a ridah, peep where it take us
I stay winning like Im Stevie out in Vegas
I’m hitting 16 bars like a pub crawl
Leave ‘em fucked up like a tre-8 snub drawn
Killa Cali – Home of the drive-by
Drink in my cup, puffin dank watchin time fly

(Verse Two)

Nah, this ain’t no gimmick, bitch I live this
West Coast shit you call style I call getting’
Baked after wake up, Chucks or Vans laced up
Where G’s come up in yo face, that’s called face fucked
Boy this that west coast maxed out
Hot shit, wife-beaters, tats out
Type of shit to make the hoes go topless
Type of shit to cause riots, make the hood go cop-less
Man, this probably where the spirit of Pac lives
so I scream KILLUMINATI, give me back them choppas
with my window down, yeah, and my joint lit
rollin’ down Rodeo with a shotgun, don’t trip
a little Zack de la Rocha for you baby,
a product of the eighties, I may have gone crazy
I give a fuck what the nerds say
Guaranteed a muhfucka stay paid in the worst way

(Verse Three)

I got love for ya’ll but Cali is my birthplace
I’m from out there, so don’t go there
Sunshine, pollution, and bad traffic man
It’s the shit, just ask the Prince, he in Bel Aire
I think it’s fair to say that we back on
I never tripped, I knew the bullshit wouldn’t last long
Actin’ like we all died when Pac passed on
Like 40-Water dried up or Dre made his last song.

Can you believe this man? They tryna act like Richie ain’t Rich no mo’
They tryna act like, like Cube aint making flics no mo’
They tryna act like, like Short ain’t sayin’ bitch no mo’
Ya’ll too big-headed man, that crown don’t fit no mo’
Give it back to the West, the shit’s cyclical
A muhfucka like me straight fit the bill
Bumbaclot pussy boi, they sleep at the wheel
Yo, im in the back door like, “YO WE HERE!”
(Verse One)
Thinking back on that one room shack
when my Mom broke her back for that shirt on my back
Sorry Ma but im flippin the script
I got a 10 o’clock flight to the 206
Socks damp, walking the Ave
A bus pass and two sacks was all that I had
Two turned to four, and then four to eight
That buss pass turned to Washington plates
I got a little something from a lot of nothing
The elevator to my crib got a lot of buttons
How much difference a day makes
Especially when you grind all night until daybreak
From my spot I can see where the new jacks hang
And all the spots where I used to slang
Funny how much reflects in the mirror yo
I cant believe all that was a year ago

(Verse Two)
Shit was all good just a year ago
Bad hoes, mad head, mad weed to blow
TreeGang loot, now Im rollin fly
3-piece suit 745
got a squad on the job, yeah – Im the big homie
club promoters and the restaurant owners know me
West Coast love – San Fran’, San Diego
Mondrian Sunset Strip, rockin Purple Label
No AOL but I got mail
Then I blinked and my dreams turned into hell
Folks you know turn ghost so ill
Homeboy turned snitch now my crib is a cell
D.A. want my head on a plate so I copped
Chapter ends with a sentence then the gavel drops
Kissed Moms on the cheek, tears began to roll
3-months time served, I got a year to go

(Verse Three)
Prison was an oven; my flow baked and got hotter
For my familia I got love; for foes nada
Same job, you know the kid still stack dollars
and my son about to be back with his Papa
Hip-Hop til the day that my heart stop
My sound beat cause I come from the hard knocks
I step up to the curves they throw
Cause the ills only add to the murder he wrote
So it’s back to the drawing board but im like Basquiat
Im from the block and the squares cant box me out
Yeah – I take the best from the worst
Have-nots get skills making magic from a curse
I guess the penn made me wanna stay near to those
folks in my life that took time and wrote
Now I hop in the whip, shift gears and go
and to think all that was a year ago…..
I know just how you feel when you’re looking at me
I can’t help what it be
Cold as fuck with my chick, ain’t it obvi baby
Why ya’ll fuckin’ with me?
every time I look up, these hoes tryna look up ( repeat)

(Verse One)
Bitch, yeah im on that shit
My chick on my arm, why ya’ll on my dick?
I mean, I know my fit look fly as hell
McQueen on me, on my queen Chanel
See I was trying to be polite but now
You’re taking it too far
Thirsty ass hoe, take yo azz to the pool bar
Just a matter of time before my chick get back
Little firecracker mixed thang, temper bad
I know you seen her – when we came up in this bitch
Strut meaner – than a pit on gun powder
Hoes turn green, all these dudes turn sour
Say what ya want but ya face like "how?"
This that shit I’m all about
Just me and my bitch, but we got the whole fuckin couch
Yeah – Just hoggin it up
In the club burnin Bubba
straight smoggin it up


I know, I know just how it go
She steps away then ya’ll approach
Ya gonna find out ya’ll ain’t fuckin with me
No cuffin don’t really need to bro
You think I’d step out with a ho?
Please muhfucka, I’m as fresh as a white T
Here’s a Bandaid for your ego after getting at wifey
I’m just taking these shots down
Fully entertained watchin playas get shot down
So go polish your Roley,
She ain’t need none of that
She interested in solely Moi
That cat with that timeless steez
And I aint fall for the gimmicks
Or them trendy beats
Plus I can ride through the city
With my mind at ease
That’s why I get her panties droppin
You’re just droppin them G’s, please!


These hoes got me caught up
Between ironic and cliché
Hoes didn’t want me now they
all up on me like heat waves
You know, here then gone
When I was single tryna kick it
Ya’ll were off then on but…
Now ya ‘bout it ‘bout it
Tryna slide me your number
while you squeezing by me
while I must say no, I must admit
I took a peek and you really do have nice….
But I’m gon’ pass on that
I like ass, this my girl
See the ass on that? Shit…
See the tab, see the drinks,
See the minks laid out?
This all her man
Chick paid out
I ain’t payin for shit
My girl treat me like
Steadman up in this bitch
Ain’t that nuts? I can’t even go Dutch
Unless she fly me off to Holland for the
Cannabis Cup.
Track Name: BAGGAGE
I got baggage, it's far from Louis
I keep it G'd up just like Gucci
Loose women, Jack, and doobies
I live my life like a fuckin movie
Damn right, it's just like that
I'm the prodigal son
On the road right back
Stuck on this money, it's just like crack
Now I goitta get this monkey up off my back
I should've known when I dipped my pinky
Doe makes these hoes so kinky
Dro smoke got my eyes so chinky
Blurred vision til them lights start blinking....

I feel alone in this universe
Like I’m posted on Mars as the world turns
Awestruck staring at the son while they star struck
Diamonds in the rough barely glimmer
But we pause them
Cause a spectacle
Front row or lawn seat
They come to witness how
A rose grow from concrete
Lost a couple Knights sacrificed
a Queen but victory is sweeter when
you’re winning with a pawn piece
Talk is cheap but this testimony cost me
More than I can mention
many lessons from a dark street
Girl of my dreams pulling on my heartstrings
It’s impossible; I barely hear my heart beat
Swear to God I lost it on
the one that had my offspring
Summer, Fall, Winter now I’m
Pulling on my drawstrings
Funny how seasons bring new
Elements and lost leaves
Forever green droppin
Needles on these hard beats

Only hope in the end that I did it right
Hard to be an angel when you’re
living in a sinner’s life
Cause the city looks so pretty when
you’re high above the city lights
Only hope in the end that I did it right
Hard to be an angel when you
live a big city life
Cause the city looks so pretty when
you’re high above the city lights

Is it me or is life a dichotomy
Every situation either adds
or takes a part of me
black or white easy but
the grey makes it hard to read
Tide makes the line in the sand
rather hard to see
I would rather set course to a calm sea
But the current status quo
Got me compromising me
Deed for your soul doesn’t
always have a dotted line
Fine print and verbiage confusing
You could lose your life
When you’re heaven turns to hell
And you’re in the flame
This is braille for the blind
Feel what I’m saying
Or do ills in the vein got you slippin
on materialistic mirages out in the distance
Only hope in the end that I did it right
Show my son how to shine
Brighter than these city lights
According to the Bible, you don’t
get to live it twice
Last time I close my eyes I hope my spirit flies