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This song clearly defines the lane this artist has created. Forever going against the grain, THEfonzarelliPROJECT turns the bar scene on it's head with this tale of what it's like to be out with your significant other in a pool of sharks. Cockiness is the name of the game...


I know just how you feel when you’re looking at me
I can’t help what it be
Cold as fuck with my chick, ain’t it obvi baby
Why ya’ll fuckin’ with me?
every time I look up, these hoes tryna look up ( repeat)

(Verse One)
Bitch, yeah im on that shit
My chick on my arm, why ya’ll on my dick?
I mean, I know my fit look fly as hell
McQueen on me, on my queen Chanel
See I was trying to be polite but now
You’re taking it too far
Thirsty ass hoe, take yo azz to the pool bar
Just a matter of time before my chick get back
Little firecracker mixed thang, temper bad
I know you seen her – when we came up in this bitch
Strut meaner – than a pit on gun powder
Hoes turn green, all these dudes turn sour
Say what ya want but ya face like "how?"
This that shit I’m all about
Just me and my bitch, but we got the whole fuckin couch
Yeah – Just hoggin it up
In the club burnin Bubba
straight smoggin it up


I know, I know just how it go
She steps away then ya’ll approach
Ya gonna find out ya’ll ain’t fuckin with me
No cuffin don’t really need to bro
You think I’d step out with a ho?
Please muhfucka, I’m as fresh as a white T
Here’s a Bandaid for your ego after getting at wifey
I’m just taking these shots down
Fully entertained watchin playas get shot down
So go polish your Roley,
She ain’t need none of that
She interested in solely Moi
That cat with that timeless steez
And I aint fall for the gimmicks
Or them trendy beats
Plus I can ride through the city
With my mind at ease
That’s why I get her panties droppin
You’re just droppin them G’s, please!


These hoes got me caught up
Between ironic and cliché
Hoes didn’t want me now they
all up on me like heat waves
You know, here then gone
When I was single tryna kick it
Ya’ll were off then on but…
Now ya ‘bout it ‘bout it
Tryna slide me your number
while you squeezing by me
while I must say no, I must admit
I took a peek and you really do have nice….
But I’m gon’ pass on that
I like ass, this my girl
See the ass on that? Shit…
See the tab, see the drinks,
See the minks laid out?
This all her man
Chick paid out
I ain’t payin for shit
My girl treat me like
Steadman up in this bitch
Ain’t that nuts? I can’t even go Dutch
Unless she fly me off to Holland for the
Cannabis Cup.


from THEfonzarelliPROJECT (theLP), track released September 27, 2015
Produced by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for Upper Echelon Empire Music & Written by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for JAYDEE-J MUSIC, Lead Guitar C. Teller, Rhythm Guitar N. Lucarelli, Mixed by A. Gutierrez


all rights reserved



THEfonzarelliPROJECT Phoenix, Arizona


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