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FROM CA. (with Love)

from by THEfonzarelliPROJECT

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Crafted according to west coast specifications, this song captures the essence of the classic sound that is synonymous with Southern California. Produced & recorded live @ SCC (Scottsdale Community College) with the help of Instructor and personal guru Mr. Ron Marschall


(Verse One)
I hail form California, where we grow hella grass
Crazy on the freeway, going hella fast
Ill Technics know to get the kid hella scratch
‘for I leave this bitch I bet my crib have a heli-pad
TreeGang fillin’ scripts for them cataracts
Matter of fact, Im the catalyst of Mac-attacks
Backpack rapper, duffle bag rapper
I bust down a pack and serve a custy ass rapper
Bad bitch ass tapper, whip black lacquered
Ooh that Fonzarelli be a slick ass bastard
Ambitionz az a ridah, peep where it take us
I stay winning like Im Stevie out in Vegas
I’m hitting 16 bars like a pub crawl
Leave ‘em fucked up like a tre-8 snub drawn
Killa Cali – Home of the drive-by
Drink in my cup, puffin dank watchin time fly

(Verse Two)

Nah, this ain’t no gimmick, bitch I live this
West Coast shit you call style I call getting’
Baked after wake up, Chucks or Vans laced up
Where G’s come up in yo face, that’s called face fucked
Boy this that west coast maxed out
Hot shit, wife-beaters, tats out
Type of shit to make the hoes go topless
Type of shit to cause riots, make the hood go cop-less
Man, this probably where the spirit of Pac lives
so I scream KILLUMINATI, give me back them choppas
with my window down, yeah, and my joint lit
rollin’ down Rodeo with a shotgun, don’t trip
a little Zack de la Rocha for you baby,
a product of the eighties, I may have gone crazy
I give a fuck what the nerds say
Guaranteed a muhfucka stay paid in the worst way

(Verse Three)

I got love for ya’ll but Cali is my birthplace
I’m from out there, so don’t go there
Sunshine, pollution, and bad traffic man
It’s the shit, just ask the Prince, he in Bel Aire
I think it’s fair to say that we back on
I never tripped, I knew the bullshit wouldn’t last long
Actin’ like we all died when Pac passed on
Like 40-Water dried up or Dre made his last song.

Can you believe this man? They tryna act like Richie ain’t Rich no mo’
They tryna act like, like Cube aint making flics no mo’
They tryna act like, like Short ain’t sayin’ bitch no mo’
Ya’ll too big-headed man, that crown don’t fit no mo’
Give it back to the West, the shit’s cyclical
A muhfucka like me straight fit the bill
Bumbaclot pussy boi, they sleep at the wheel
Yo, im in the back door like, “YO WE HERE!”


from THEfonzarelliPROJECT (theLP), track released September 26, 2015
Produced by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for Upper Echelon Empire Music & Written by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for JAYDEE-J MUSIC (ASCAP), Mixed by A. Gutierrez, D. Smith, and K. Muhly, N. Lucarelli


all rights reserved



THEfonzarelliPROJECT Phoenix, Arizona


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