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Heard this beat and fell in love with it. It took me forever to come up with the concept but when I was a wrap. While not ALL events took place within a years time, each verse attempts to illustrate the rapid rise of a hustler and the inevitable fall from grace. This is the beginning of redemption...


(Verse One)
Thinking back on that one room shack
when my Mom broke her back for that shirt on my back
Sorry Ma but im flippin the script
I got a 10 o’clock flight to the 206
Socks damp, walking the Ave
A bus pass and two sacks was all that I had
Two turned to four, and then four to eight
That buss pass turned to Washington plates
I got a little something from a lot of nothing
The elevator to my crib got a lot of buttons
How much difference a day makes
Especially when you grind all night until daybreak
From my spot I can see where the new jacks hang
And all the spots where I used to slang
Funny how much reflects in the mirror yo
I cant believe all that was a year ago

(Verse Two)
Shit was all good just a year ago
Bad hoes, mad head, mad weed to blow
TreeGang loot, now Im rollin fly
3-piece suit 745
got a squad on the job, yeah – Im the big homie
club promoters and the restaurant owners know me
West Coast love – San Fran’, San Diego
Mondrian Sunset Strip, rockin Purple Label
No AOL but I got mail
Then I blinked and my dreams turned into hell
Folks you know turn ghost so ill
Homeboy turned snitch now my crib is a cell
D.A. want my head on a plate so I copped
Chapter ends with a sentence then the gavel drops
Kissed Moms on the cheek, tears began to roll
3-months time served, I got a year to go

(Verse Three)
Prison was an oven; my flow baked and got hotter
For my familia I got love; for foes nada
Same job, you know the kid still stack dollars
and my son about to be back with his Papa
Hip-Hop til the day that my heart stop
My sound beat cause I come from the hard knocks
I step up to the curves they throw
Cause the ills only add to the murder he wrote
So it’s back to the drawing board but im like Basquiat
Im from the block and the squares cant box me out
Yeah – I take the best from the worst
Have-nots get skills making magic from a curse
I guess the penn made me wanna stay near to those
folks in my life that took time and wrote
Now I hop in the whip, shift gears and go
and to think all that was a year ago…..


from THEfonzarelliPROJECT (theLP), track released September 26, 2015
JUST A YEAR AGO - Produced by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for Upper Echelon Empire Music & Written by THEfonzarelliPROJECT for JAYDEE-J MUSIC (ASCAP), Instrumental produced by S. Mahoney, Mixed by Nino Lucarelli, A. Gutierrez, D. Smith


all rights reserved



THEfonzarelliPROJECT Phoenix, Arizona


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